About Us

The Personal Outcomes Network is a national cross sector group with membership from across health, social care and housing. Members work in a wide range of roles but share a common passion for developing and implementing personal outcomes approaches locally and nationally. The Network is an open group based on self-organisational principles. It holds quarterly Meetings and aims to offer a safe place for reflection and sharing of practice through stories, learning, resources and evidence.

Members of the smaller Co-ordinating Group gather evidence of practice change and issues to share with Network members.

Working in this collaborative and evidence based way, the Network and its Co-ordinating Group aim to advance work around personal outcomes in Scotland by inspiring, energising and influencing each other and wider stakeholders.

The Network aims:

  • To support workers and organisations across health and social care focus activity on the outcomes that matter to people using support
  • To develop a wider and more consistent understanding of personal outcomes approaches
  • To develop and embed personal outcomes approaches involved in health and social care
  • To help enable national partnerships and organisations to share knowledge and experience
  • To influence the future development of policy and practice in relation to personal outcomes.

Based on feedback from our members we undertook a brief evaluation of the Network at the end of 2017 led by Ellen Daly at Iriss.  The feedback from our members is collated in a brief report and mindmap:

Personal_outcomes_network Review Mindmap

PON Initial Evaluation nov 17