Evidence and Learning

A continuing priority has been to identify any key challenges emerging from practice, and to work with partner organisations to develop solutions. A further priority has been to capture learning along the way.


Personal Outcomes Network review

The Personal Outcomes Network (PON) has been running since 2015 and seeks to promote shared understanding of personal outcomes in practice.  We recently involved our members in our PON review 2020. This has helped us to understand our outcomes better and to develop our knowledge of network evaluation methods.

Meaningful and Measurable project

The evidence generated through the ESRC funded Meaningful and Measurable project includes Final Project Reports for project partners plus project briefing reports.

Personal outcomes and quality measures project in the NHS

The We’ve Got to Talk About Outcomes series of guides were produced in 2013 following a one year government funded project exploring the possibilities for introducing a focus on personal outcomes in the NHS. The guides synthesise evidence generated in different healthcare settings in the community.

Personal outcomes in reablement and home support

This project was jointly funded by the ESRC and North Lanarkshire Council, involving the University of Strathclyde and IRISS. It focused on personal outcomes in reablement. A summary version is also available.

Talking Points practical guide and summary 

The Talking Points personal outcomes approach: a practical guide brings together learning from development and implementation to 2012.

We’ve got to talk about outcomes: A Review 

The Talking Points approach was reviewed by Alison Petch, Director of IRISS, who conducted a survey and interviewed a range of stakeholders involved in development and implementation of the approach:

MSc Dissertation on a collaborative inquiry approach to embedding outcomes 

Alison Upton, who is now with SSSC, completed her MSc dissertation ‘Exploring the Effectiveness of Collaborative Inquiry in Implementing an Outcomes Approach‘ while still working for Stirling Council Social Work Department in 2011.

Outcomes-focused Assessment and Policy Priorities

In 2010 a journal article: Outcomes Focused Assessment and Policy Priorities published in Research, Policy and Planning includes a review of outcomes based working in England, Wales and Scotland.

Dissertation on a personal outcomes pilot

An evaluation of a personal outcomes approach in Midlothian was undertaken by Sarah Hitchin for her MSc dissertation in 2010. 

Interim Evaluation of UDSET Pilots

Glasgow School of Social Work (GSSW) was commissioned by the Joint Improvement Team (JIT) to undertake an interim evaluation of early piloting work in 2008.

Evidence from Practice in North Lanarkshire

The JIT conducted focus groups jointly with North Lanarkshire Council  to obtain the views of staff, senior staff and managers about the differences focusing on outcomes made in practice and about the barriers to embedding outcomes across the system.