Network Coordinating Group

Emma Miller: University of Strathclyde


Emma is a senior research associate at Strathclyde University  who has worked for many years between research, policy and practice on personal outcomes.

Audrey Taylor: NHS Education Scotland (NES)

Audrey is Educational Projects Manager at NHS Education Scotland (NES) focusing on mental health

Ellen Daly: Iriss

Ellen Daly

Ellen is a Project Manager at Iriss. Iriss supports people to explore new ways of working and use knowledge to improve outcomes for people, workers and communities.

Susan Kelso: Scottish Government


Susan has worked across across health and social care for 30 years and is currently leading in research into active ageing.

Julie Gardner: Thistle Foundation

PON photo - Julie Gardner

Julie Gardner is based at the Thistle Foundation, working to embed a focus on personal outcomes in practice, and in evaluation and service improvement

Joe McGhee: The Care Inspectorate


Joe McGhee works for the Care Inspectorate as a senior inspector in the Edinburgh team. She believes that having a personal outcomes approach means people’s needs are not only met, but their strengths, hopes and aspirations can be part of that care and support.

Pamela Fotheringham: Scottish Social Services Council

Pamela Fotheringham

Pamela is involved in promoting and delivering workforce development activities across a range of areas including  development of standards, frameworks and qualifications.

Margaret McKeith: Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland

Margaret McKeith 20161030_144132

Margaret has a long career in health and social care and currently works with the ALLIANCE) leading Scotland’s House of Care programme.

With thanks to Dr. Karen Barrie: University of Edinburgh for support with setting up this website.  Karen has a particular interest in ways of engaging with personal outcomes for people with communication or cognitive impairments.