Leadership Support

Leading for outcomes: a guide 

The guide is aimed at team leaders, managers and those in training roles. It provides support and training materials for leading social services staff and those in related disciplines to practice in an outcomes-focused way.

iRISS Leading for Outcomes Guide

It is primarily addressed at those working in adult social care. Materials to support leadership for outcomes are available here on the iRISS website:

Step into Leadership

The Scottish Social Services Council recently constructed a website, Step into Leadership, designed to help you find resources and information to develop your leadership skills.
The site is designed for frontline workers, people that use services, as well as managers and strategic leaders working in health and social care.

General Information

The role of leadership and visible and sustained senior management are critical. To recall the key messages from the opening section on Staff Development and Leadership:

  1. Embedding outcomes within an organisation takes a long time and is best understood as a journey.
  2. It  can be helpful to think about three components of a personal outcomes approach: engagement, recording and use of information
  3. It is not enough to produce tools and provide one off training events.  Practitioners need ongoing support and supervision to support the change in practice.

In 2013 we worked with East Renfrewshire CHCP to develop a simple one page tool to use with practitioners in supervision. This tool was adapted from a version developed in South Lanarkshire to support reflective practice.  The 2013 version includes a an outcomes focus.  The brief tool and guidance can be adapted to suit local purposes

We also worked with colleagues in North Lanarkshire in 2010 to produce a guide to support an outcomes approach in support and supervision for practitioners: