Recording & Measuring

The quarterly event of the Personal Outcomes Network in February 2002 focused on recording and measuring outcomes. The following presentations are from that day:

Louise Bowen, Iriss with East Ayrshire social work staff on Recording practice

Julie Kidd, integration division, Scottish Government on measures in partnerships: A snapshot of people based measures in HSCPs-1

Sally Boa on progressing person centred goals in Strathcarron hospice: What’s important to me?

Yousaf Kanan, Scottish Government on a vision for national social care data National Social Care data a future blueprint

Yvonne Manson from Abbotsford Care on recording experiences of people with dementia Frameworks dementia records

Recording is an essential task in human services. It provides the focus and clarifies purpose for the work undertaken and can support effective partnership with people who use services. What matters to people should be part of the record.  However, other pressures mean that what matters sometimes gets lost in recording.

An earlier guide on recording outcomes from 2011 illustrates some common errors and solutions Recording Outcomes in Care and Support

Recording supports continuity when there is a change of staff and allows for information to be exchanged between organisations. Recording is also necessary for planning, monitoring and reviewing progress. Achieving good quality recording is also necessary if the information is to be used for decision making.

Recording in partnership with people can help to build positive relationships.  (See Miller & Barrie (2019) Narrative recording as relational practice in social services: a case study from a Scottish carer support organisation, British Journal of Social Work)

Measuring outcomes can be challenging but there is learning about what works.

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Traditional approaches to measurement do not necessarily fit with personal outcomes, as signaled in the following resources.  This resource from NHS England looks at different approaches to personal outcomes in health settings:

In 2011 we worked with Iriss to produce a guide to measuring outcomes

This guide was accompanied by an animation which can be used for meetings and events