A focus on personal outcomes – making sure that services work in partnership with the public towards effective use of resources in achieving well-being – is a central plank of national policy in several countries.  In Scotland, this is in line with the Christie Commission report and the Scottish Government’s response.

This site has been developed to bring together a range of resources to support the development and implementation of a personal outcomes approach in health and social care, as well as other human services. Most of the resources are applicable across service settings, with additional carer-specific and dementia-specific materials provided through dedicated pages.

Most recently, we have produced overview resources which draw together learning from the Meaningful and Measurable project, which can be accessed via Health Improvement Scotland

We also recently collated a paper to support consistent understanding of the values and principles involved in personal outcomes approaches. We hope this will help inform policy and practice particularly by practitioners and managers in health, social care, housing and related services:

Personal Outcomes Values and Principles Paper May16 [PDF,433Kb]

The Personal Outcomes Collaboration is made up of several organisations working towards the development and implementation of a personal outcomes approach. You can contact us at: info@personaloutcomescollaboration.org

You can access a range of tools and other resources via the IRISS toolbox

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